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Track down those special little wedding touches

Of all the weddings I’ve attended and worked at over the years, one thing holds true… it’s all about the little touches. Whether it’s the table naming which somehow cleverly unites the two families, maybe it’s the colour scheme of the marquee bunting which mirrors the bouquet and the font in the Order of Service, or perhaps it’s a thoughtful flower on each place setting which signifies the first flowers given between groom and bride.

Unique Finishing Touches

Whatever it may be, all these little things create a big effect by tying a wedding theme together. And for a photographer, these finer points are a dream - picking out these details in photos are a great, evocative way to send a married couple right back to their wedding day.

I’m always keen to recommend local suppliers and there’s a great Herefordshire outfit comprised of two sisters called Unique Finishing Touches whose service does a fantastic job in providing all these little finishing touches to a wedding - specialising in décor from cake stands to garlands, milk churns as well as beautiful floristry. And no request is too tricky as they’ve previously created bespoke items to fit clients’ needs, such as signs, name holders, table centres and even a post box.

Unique Finishing Touches cover Powys, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. To find out more:

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