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Paul Carter Photography

Yes, that is an absolutely massive picture of me. Sorry.


I am an experienced, professional photographer based in Herefordshire; I specialise in wedding photography, commercial work, property, event coverage and horse racing.

In a former life, I worked in London for national publications where assignments saw me lucky enough to photograph some of the country's best-known public figures and celebrities including Emma Watson, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham-Carter, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Linekar and Nick Knowles. Yes, you heard me right... Nick Knowles.

Since then, much of my career in photography has been spent in the UK and around the world working on all kinds of assignments: everything from capturing events and weddings to start-up and established businesses, lifestyle photography, horse racing, property, food, travel and more.

I love the chance to work on new projects and really enjoy the process of working with passionate people and bringing an idea to life through photography.

If you'd like to work together then please get in touch.

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