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A day in the life of a photographer… this week: crop circles!

They say no two jobs are the same… well that’s true, as this week me and my trusty camera were out photographing crop circles! So it was off to Britain’s agricultural-paranormal hotbed: Wiltshire.

Crop circle

I had gen’d up on possible locations where I could track down some circles (you really can find everything on the internet) and in no time, I’d found one. It was a pretty tricky beast to photograph however as the only high ground surrounding it was covered in trees and didn’t really give a great view, so I ventured down into the circle itself for a better view.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about crop circles and the impact they have on farmers' incomes... but it must be said that other people visiting the site were respectful of the standing crop and only walking up the tractor tracks to reach the circle. Apparently at some sites the land owners put out collection boxes to recoup the money lost in the cereals that they lose - so perhaps the relationship is more harmonious than I'd first thought.

Inside a crop circle

Inside the circles it was evident how carefully they had been constructed… each ear of wheat had been bent over in the same direction with no evidence of any kind of machinery having been used. Fair play, it’s a real head-scratcher as to how these circles are formed!

wheat in a crop circle

Whilst there I got chatting to a couple of other really helpful lads who were touring the sites and they put me onto another nearby circle.

So a short car journey and a long walk later I arrived on a great look-out up above the second site with a great view of three interconnecting circles allowing me to get some nice shots.

Wiltshire crop circle

After that, the hot weather had awoken my need for ice-cream (although, in fairness, any weather does that) and so I headed to nearby Avebury.

Avebury stone circle

Avebury is also the site of some fairly huge spiritual vibrations in the form the world famous neolithic stone henge monument which contains three stone circles. As it was such a beautiful day the stones had plenty of tourists weaving in and out of them as well as a couple of groups of druids clad head to toe in white sat around playing music.

Avebury stone circles
Dream catcher, Avebury
Avebury stones

So with ice-cream in hand, I wandered around the huge stones snapping a few more frames before heading home.

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